Thursday, 31 May 2012

Entro Senestre (Live) and Rocket Sam

Tonight we have Entro Senestre playing live plus Dj's Rocket Sam and Speculator.

Entro played at the W.T. Records showcase last week in Detroit and apparently killed it. His new record is about to drop and it's a good one. Come see him for free while you can.

Rocket Sam is someone we've tried to get to come dj for the last few months but always has something goin on. Apparently Thursdays aren't for everyone.

Speculator will still be there, Chupacabras is outta town.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Dj Jaclyn Tonight

Oh, you work on Fridays? Not us. Jaclyn has been dj-ing as long as I can remember and can mix pretty dang well. She's played all over town and is a real " New Yorker". She plays all across the board musically, which is just like we like it. Come by say hi, dance, smoke cigarettes, whatever. Stop on by.

Monday, 14 May 2012

This week Chupacabras 5-6 hour set

So this week Chupacabras will be playing records with a 5-6 hour set. Sometimes there's so many records you wanted to play in a night or whatever, but tonight those records WILL be played. Soul 7"'s? Probably. Disco and Boogie? Perhaps, but regardless this is quite a few hours to stretch out musically. Expect to hear all types of music. Someone once said "There's only 2 types of music. Good and bad." Well tonight I rather spend more time in the "grey" area. Songs you're not quite sure about the first time around. Some songs you do like right away and others have to grow on you. Those usually become your favorites. Let's see what happens. 

Monday, 7 May 2012

Lauri Soini + Beg To Differ this week!

So this week we have a special guest from Finland as well as some friends from right here. Speculator will be on the left coast for a few weeks working on his tan and sipping coctails by the pool while fighting off the paparazzii. I'll be holding down the fort in the meantime. Now a little bit about our guests...

Besides touring with Hannulelauri, Lauri Soini also runs events at two venues (Nolla and Adams) in Helsinki with past guests such as Soft Rocks, Tim Sweeney, In Flagranti, Matias Aguayo, Daniel Wang, Wolfram, Todd Terje, Woolfy, Hugo Capablanca, Ray Mang, Prince Language, My Cousin Roy, Jacques Renault, Baris K, Cosmo Vitelli, Andrew Weatherall, Hunee, Veronica Vasicka, Robag Wruhme, Trevor Jackson, Shit Robot, Joakim, Jennifer Cardini, Tiago, Nick Höppner, Rebolledo, Patrice Bäumel, Seuil, Ata (Robert Johnson), Mudd, Rune Lindbaek, Ivan Smagghe, Kim Ann Foxman, Chloé, Maurice Fulton, DJ Kaos, Headman, Serge Clone, Benoit & Sergio, Kelley Polar, Joakim, Kasper Bjorke, Superpitcher, Masomenos, Discodeine, Blawan, Roman Lindau, Alex Boman, Andy Butler etc.

Beg to Differ is a never-ending arm wrestling match of a musical marriage. Comprised of New Yorkers Roy Dank and Nick Chacona, the duo - both individually and together - has played the finest discotheques the world over, evangelizing their distinct brand of boom-chk to all comers. While Roy heads up cult label Wurst and Nick is a bonafide house music hero, together they form like a boogie-fied Voltron whose music has been championed by discerning DJs such as Holy Ghost!, Wolf + Lamb, Aeroplane, Mark E and Tim Sweeney to name but a few.

"Spring Has Sprung" for Odin:

Beats in Space: