Monday, 30 April 2012

May 3rd JDH (Fixed)

This week we got a whole gang of Texans in the house.

Josh has been doing his Fixed party with Dave P all over for some years. His party has been in Miami, NY and he's played with the likes of Erol Alkan, 2 Many Dj's and Simian Mobile Disco. Come check him out in our neighborhood hangout Thursday night. Spec and Chupa will be there too as always. Maybe they'll serve chips and salsa instead of pretzels with mustard...

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

James Friedman and Mark Verbos (Live Acid Set)

Our old friend James has been busy with his label Throne of Blood for awhile now and has been dj-ing for quite some time. He's played all over and knows how to get the party goin. Let's see what he brings for us this night. Mark Verbos has been makin stuff for a long time and does some legendary live sets with a lot of Roland xox boxes (Tb 303, Tr 909, Tr 707, Mc 202). I haven't seen Mark in a long time and it'll be pretty fun to see him play live. Of course Dj's Chupacabras & Speculator will be there too.  We do this every Thursday and it's always free. Come out if you can go to work hungover on Friday!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Justin V this week joins us!

Justin Vandervolgen has a history spanning the last 13 years in the dance/disco community. Being one of the founding members and producer of the bands !!! and Outhud as well as remixing for labels such as Warp, EMI and Output. In 2003 Justin produced the !!! record “Me and Guliani down by the schoolyard” which became a UK dance chart hit and helped to bring the emerging early 2000’s sound of NY dance music to the rest of the world. It was in 2001 when Justin moved to NY that he started dj’ing more and playing some of the best parties and after hours spots in the city. Early 2008 saw Justin leaving !!!, (Outhud disbanded in 2005) to focus on producing, remixing and dj’ing. 2009 saw the release of 2 projects one with Lee Douglas called TBD which produced the massive hit What is This?, in 2010 he dropped a solo release Sheebooya/Clapping Song for acclaimed the Golf Channel imprint as well as his own now classic Try to find Me edit series also on Golf Channel Recordings. 2011 will bring the release of more of his own solo productions, various remixes for labels like Internajonal and many more edits for Golf Channel and He and Lee's own TBD Classics..