Wednesday, 20 June 2012


fender bender has a couple of parisians that are gonna play some music for you..

its also suzanne's bday and heather's bday and dailysession is recording the night.

ANTEROS & THANATON always book me when i go over there, so i guess i should return the favor.
RODOLPHE has nice bar b ques and an interesting perspective.

Anteros & Thanaton is a french duet coming from Paris. They organized for two years their residency RETROGRADE at Chez Moune and Social Club in Paris. They also made a remix for Acid Washed - Change (Record Makers), which was released in september 2011, a remix for Marie Madeleine - Swiming Pool (Ekler'o'shok). Here is the mix they did as guest for TELERAMA Radio :,67788.php
You can have a listen to their mixtapes here :

AND THEN THERE IS RODOLPHE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
his bio is much more concise.


Residents CHUPACABRAS and SPECULATOR will sit outside and relax unless they have to play recs.

its always free and every thurs..

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