Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Shawn O' Sullivan Live/ Dj Kklovenhoof (Led Er Est)

..2 of the 3 members from hotly reviewed and blogged up and coming ultra cult band LED ER EST,
kklovenhoof and shawn perform separately at fender bender this week..
shawn is gonna play really hard techno to try to make me mad and kklovenhoof will play delta force or something comparable at least 3 times

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


fender bender has a couple of parisians that are gonna play some music for you..

its also suzanne's bday and heather's bday and dailysession is recording the night.

ANTEROS & THANATON always book me when i go over there, so i guess i should return the favor.
RODOLPHE has nice bar b ques and an interesting perspective.

Anteros & Thanaton is a french duet coming from Paris. They organized for two years their residency RETROGRADE at Chez Moune and Social Club in Paris. They also made a remix for Acid Washed - Change (Record Makers), which was released in september 2011, a remix for Marie Madeleine - Swiming Pool (Ekler'o'shok). Here is the mix they did as guest for TELERAMA Radio : http://www.telerama.fr/musique/le-mix-de-la-semaine-76-anteros-thanaton,67788.php
You can have a listen to their mixtapes here : www.anteros-thanaton.com

AND THEN THERE IS RODOLPHE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
his bio is much more concise.


Residents CHUPACABRAS and SPECULATOR will sit outside and relax unless they have to play recs.

its always free and every thurs..

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

This week we got dj SOTOFETT from sextagsmania.. he is from norway and his label puts out some freaky records i even bought some of them and play them out regularly..


Residents chupacabras and speculator doing what they gotta do.

At loreley 64 frost street.. in BK.. free starting at 10.. its a nice beer garden with food if you want it.. and beer and a bar.. and there is outside with picnic table and inside with loud music and toilets.