Monday, 23 July 2012

Jan Woo & Jacob Gorchov

this week we have an adventure is cosmic new wave goth yoga salads and substance abuse.. and its always an adventure to find out if people are watching tv or something and who will the bartender be? any bets?

jan is part of that whole cosmic yoga vibes crew.. he is in some new band that got all pitchforked out and stuff.. called splash. i think i heard one song and it sounded like new edition on drugs. i heard he is a good dj. i never really saw him throw down.. but i have put on records with him a few ti...mes.. and yeah.. should be interesting. jan is always down for some action.. whatever that means.

jacob is shawn and katie's roommate.. that is how i know him. i didnt even know he was friends with jan.. but apparently they play together sometimes. i heard he gets records in the mail all the time and seems to know about obscure stuff i never heard of. i have no idea what he will play, but shawn say he is a pretty ok dj. and it will be fine.. so what the hell.. shawn even thinks he is gonna fall asleep at the bar. thats pretty cool too.

speculator and chupacabras will be around.
and hopefully we get a good bartender that can hang out so we dont have to go to other places after cause they will be closed too.

loreley bk 64 frost street.
free every thurs.

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