Thursday, 5 July 2012

Tonight Chupacabras & Speculator

hopefully you are still in party mode from the 4th of july.

this week is special, only the residents of fender bender, chupacabras and speculator will be sharing their musical finds.. new and old.. we promise to spend more than 10 min preparing our sets this week.. and try to pull out some good stuff..

growing up as a juvenile delinquent in texas, jeremy rodriguez aka chupacabras, was a big misfits fan. he was subliminally influenced by his fathers hot rod culture and skateboarding. his music knowledge was pretty broad before leaving san francisco in the late 90s for barcelona, but it was there that chupa began djing. at illegal bars and super clubs by night, and working at one of the best record stores in bcn by day (wah wah) jeremy amassed a great collection of records. finally after some crazy personal issues, he made his way to nyc to dj at fancy hotels and crappy bars that wont even give you 2 drink tickets. he also works at the thing on and off for 5 years or more.
here is mix and an interview in spanish just for fun

william burnett is speculator.. he has alot of records and runs wt records.. he also makes records as willie burns, grackle, galaxy toobin, smackulator, pg&s and more.. he is also a swimming teacher and works at a junk store called the thing.
here is a recent interview and mix

fender bender is every thurs at loreley and its FREE!
its a small club/bar/restr inside and a beergarden out. its pretty nice..

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