Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Steve Summers & Bookworms

this week.. steve summers and bookworms are gonna dj..

i know steve as jason so im gonna call him that. he makes alot of records and plays live alot and seems to be doing pretty well.. i really like the remix he did for professor genius, but its taking too long to come out so no one will notice.. but hopefully they do.. he is gonna dj.. i know he has alot of records laying around somewhere..

bookworms was on my stoop the other day. he is friends with my downstairs neighbor. it was weird to see him there.. he put out some freaky record on LIES that sounds like some dirty mpc i dont even know what.. you should check it out. he is gonna dj this time.

chupacabras has to go out of town unexpectedly to be with his family.. so its just me, speculator filling in the gaps.

loreley is 64 frost street.. and it starts at 10 pm and is free!

they got food (i finally got some schnizel last week and it was really good) and beer and stuff.. and sometimes the bar tender is a real jerk, but we have to remember he has a really long day serving douchebags with flip flops.. and they dont let the bartenders drink anymore.

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